How To Apply For A Land Disturbance Permit

Georgetown County Stormwater is pleased to provide the design community with an electronic submittal and review process.  You will however, need to send hard copy signature pages for the BMP Agreement, and the addressed stamped envelopes.  Please follow instructions as provided below for electronic submittal:

Electronic Submission:

Please send each item listed on the Stormwater Submittal Checklist in an email to Send each item on the checklist as a properly labeled separate attachment and identify it in the body of the email. As an option, large files can be submitted through a cloud based storage service such as Dropbox. If multiple emails are sent due to file size limitations, indicate the number of attachments included within each email, e.g., ‘Email #1 of 3 with 4 attachments, email #2 of 3 with 4 attachments, etc.’  For example, the BMP Agreement is a small file that can be labeled as the BMP Agreement and sent as an attachment.  Site plans and SWPPP’s are typically large files that can be sent via Dropbox. These should all be listed in the body of the email(s) and sent to

The 10-day Public Notice period will begin after all required fees and documents are received by this office. The review process will begin shortly thereafter.

Archive: Design Manual 2006

Thank you for your cooperation in the Georgetown County Stormwater submittal process.