Kids Education

Did you know that you live in a watershed? Yes, that’s right. We all live in a watershed. What’s a watershed? It’s a fancy word describing an area of land that drains or ‘sheds’ its water to a river or lake from higher to lower elevations.

The area you are in is part of a watershed and the water is flowing somewhere. Every raindrop from a storm falls into a watershed. Where does the stormwater from your yard go? It flows to the nearest lake, river or stream, and eventually to the ocean. Everyone lives in a watershed (except the astronauts in the Space Station)! How about the stormwater from your school, where does it go? Is it in the same watershed as your yard? All of the water in Georgetown County ultimately ends up in the Atlantic Ocean where you swim and play.

The water in Georgetown County’s rivers, lakes, and streams needs your help. Yes, your help. (In the past, Georgetown County kids were successful in helping adults understand the importance of recycling, and showed their families how to do it. Now you have the opportunity to lend your support to clean water). Are you up for the task? Here are a few ways you can help keep Georgetown County water clean:

  • Never put or pour anything down a storm drain (those big holes in the curb).
  • Pick up your pet’s waste.
  • Put litter (candy wrappers, cups, tissues, paper) in the garbage, or recycle it if you can.

Have your family help you Keep it Clean!