Capital Projects

Georgetown County adopted a stormwater utility fee as a means to implement the unfunded mandated program issued by the EPA and SCDHEC to the County.  The fee is used by Georgetown County to fund the federally mandated permit requirements, drainage studies, public outreach,  and capital improvement projects.  Stormwater utility fees can only be spent and will only be spent on stormwater-related activities. Some examples of stormwater utility fee funded capital improvement projects are presented below:

Recently completed project:

The Club Circle Drainage Improvements project was prompted by the extreme flooding caused during the historic rainfall event of October 2015. The project shall alleviate flooding by creating a connection between a wetland marsh area just south of Georgetown County Stables park and the Waccamaw River. The project includes 1) installing an open channel ditch to Petigru Drive connecting the wetland marsh area to the existing pond within the River Club residential community 2) install a new outfall structure within the existing River Club pond, and 3) install new culvert pipe along Club Circle. The completion of the project shall create a new outfall from the existing River Club pond toward Waccamaw River. The project also includes landscaping and irrigation.


Upcoming Projects:

Pond Road

Pond Road was paved in 2010 with a deep closed drainage system which partially runs underneath Pond Road. Georgetown County has conducted video inspection of the drainage system which shows multiple pipe separations and mineralization deposits at the joints. The project includes approximately 3,028 linear feet of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) between several manholes along with full depth patch at the sinkhole locations. Pond Road will then be milled and a paved with a new asphalt surface.

Running Water Drainage Improvement

The existing open ditch/crossline pipe system serving Running Water Drive is has reverse grade, hard to maintain reaches, and inadequate elevation drop throughout the system.  This project proposes to improve approximately 2300 Linear Feet of the existing drainage system to a closed system able to handle the 25-year storm event.  This project also proposes to enhance the downstream outlet structure just upstream of LaBruce Lane allowing for some storage opportunity before runoff discharges into the Intercoastal Waterway. Construction to begin in August 2020.


Projects out for bid

Springs Outfall Improvement Project